Milgard Ultra™ Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass Windows by Milgard and Houston Window Experts

When the time comes to pick new windows for your Houston area home, what should you look for?

Here are some of the top reasons you should choose Milgard Ultra™:
Houston Fiberglass Replacement Windows

  • Strength – Not all replacement windows are the same. Milgard has engineered their Ultra™ Series Fiberglass windows to exacting specifications for reduced expansion and contracting (a common cause of air leaks), Designed and Engineered interior frame cross sections to increase rigidity, Fusion welding on the corners and added reinforcements in all the right places. Even Milgard’s Fiberglass Formula is an exclusive recipe!
  • Energy Efficiency – Optimum Energy Efficiency is a synergy. The sum of all the parts. It’s the frames ability to resist heat transfer, the insulating spacer that separates the panes of glass, the “air gap” (how far apart the panes are), it’s the addition of argon or other gas, it’s the solar heat gain blocking and UV blocking Low-E coatings. Inferior windows will be lacking in one of these synergistic components.
  • Quality - Milgard has literally millions of dollars invested in equipment. Precision equipment with custom CNC programs and specifically designed dies and jigs that assist in the precise assembly of their windows. Equally important, it’s the people, the teamwork that goes into designing and manufacturing a premium window. A fiberglass replacement window that sets Milgard apart from the competition.
  • Warranty – Need a great warranty? How about Lifetime. That ought to cover it. No…then how about transferable Lifetime PLUS a warranty on Glass Breakage. Yes, even accidental glass breakage. Now, thats a Warranty!

Installation by the Professionals at Houston Window Experts

Let’s face it, even the best windows in the marketplace can be installed wrong. That’s a recipe for disaster. That means voided warranties, air leaks and windows that won’t operate properly. What would happen if the window failed to open properly in the event of an emergency exit…such as fire?

When you have installed thousands and thousands of windows over the years you still can not rest on your laurels though. Houston Window Experts has the experience installing tens of thousands of windows in the Houston market but, more importantly, are always staying aware of all the latest techniques and processes. Our installers are continuously trained and cross-training. Plus, every window is quality checked before, during and after installation.

Reviews from Real Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our reviews online and then, call us or complete the request form. We’ll visit your home and present you with our samples, tell you more about or windows and then painstakingly measure every window in your home. You’ll be presented with a complete estimate of what your windows will cost installed, caulked and ready to operate. No surprises. And, no cost for the estimate.

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