Why Milgard Windows and Houston Window Experts?

houston fiberglass replacement windows
Houston’s climate requires us to think a little differently when it comes to home improvements. We need improvements that will stand up to our high humidity, pounding rain and hail and the short but cold winter.

Our weather pattern is hard on our homes so the choices we make can become an investment or just another expense. Take your windows for example. In many of the older and historic areas of Houston like Houston Heights, River Oaks, Montrose and Rice University areas, many of the homes are 50 plus years old. When these homes were built, windows were made of wood and were single pane “annealed” glass. The wood has to be painted regularly or water would penetrate into the pores and rot would begin. The small little pocks and cracks over time allow wood eating insects to enter and have their meal and set up their nest.

Wood windows were fine at the time. We, in fact, had more time to take care of them. But we often did not take the time and now they are rotten and ready to be replaced with new replacement windows.

The other issue with standard windows is the single pane annealed glass. Single pane glass is a very poor insulator against weather and against sound. Heat, cold and the neighbors lawn mower could easily penetrate your home and make it unbearable to live in.

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Why Milgard Windows and Doors for Houston

In 1962, Milgard Windows was founded and has grown over the years to have 19 manufacturing and support sites across the US. This translates to a customer focused custom window manufacturer. The Milgard line includes Vinyl Replacement Windows, Fiberglass Replacement Windows, Fiberglass clad wood windows and a full wood replacement window line. With 10 manufacturing plants, custom window orders are filled and shipped to us quickly with one of the best order turn around times in the window industry.

Builders Magazine Ranked Milgard Windows and Doors the “#1 Best Quality Window in the Nation”

Milgard Windows and Doors manufacturers 100% custom windows…for both the New Construction and Replacement Window market. That means whether you have a home that is 50 – 100 years old or one that is still in blueprint stages, we can help. In fact, in the design phase is the best time to choose a window that will last a lifetime.

So How About Houston Window Experts?

Jeff Ludy and family have been in the window replacement and home improvement market for over 20 years. The Milgard philosophy of “People First” is one of the things that really resonated with Jeff. Treating people with respect by not being pushy and by listening to our clients’ concerns and issues and developing a solution to their home improvement project is the Ludy family’s founding principle.

Experience in the industry is what makes Jeff your ideal window replacement partner. He will walk your home with you and ask questions about each room of your home: How does air circulate in this room? How is the street noise? Are you satisfied with the type of window opening or would you like to change it (picture window vs. sliding window for example)? What is your heating and cooling bill like? All of these questions are key to developing a solution and a plan for replacing your windows.

This alignment of strategy and attitude between manufacturer, vendor, and client is why Houston Window Experts is your ideal partner for replacement windows in Houston. Call or complete the request form to find out more.

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